Sunday, 24 June 2012

First Post Ever

Hey everyone!

This is the first day of my blog, so I'm sorry for the untidiness of the page. Here I will be doing a few things:
  1. Review teen/YA books that I have read or you have asked me to read.
  2. Doing frequent Twitter updates.
  3. Recommending new authors and encouraging people to get reading!
The third item on my list is the one that made me think of doing a blog. I'm only fifteen years old, and have a passion for reading, writing, and everything else that comes with English literature. It amazes me how little fellow teenagers read nowadays, and I'm sure some of you reading this will be teenagers yourself and right now will be nodding in agreement.

I want to understand why teenagers don't pick up books anymore. Do you think you have got too old for them? Do you find them too expensive? Or do you just wait for the movies to come out?

Many people in my school refuse to read and think it is 'uncool'. This is the root of all problems, so I want to make reading 'cool' again.

I can't change the world... but I can damn well try.

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