Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen by Dyan Sheldon

If you have seen the awful movie containing Lindsay Lohan with the same title, then that's because it is based on this book. Supposedly. However, I did watch it a few weeks ago and the comparison of book to film was embarrassing; they have clearly taken the easiest bits to film and left out the detail... the details where Lola Cep is not actually ginger and Ella Gerard does not cry every single minute.

Unlike the disaster of a movie, this book is sheer genius and will have you laughing at Lola's adventure and 'hissing' and Carla Santini's pure evilness. It follows a teenage girl called Mary Elizabeth Cep who comes from the bright lights of New York, but has been forced by her wicked mother (and not in a good way) to move to the city of Dellwood, or as she calls it, Deadwood.

Compared to the Big Apple, the high school Lola (her stage name she gave herself) has to endure for five whole days of her precious week views her individuality as being... well, just plain weird. It seems as though Carla Santini will always have her way; pushing Lola and Ella around and basically winning them at anything she can.

With the drama department's play of Pygmalion coming up - who will win the role of Eliza?

Lola thought she could cope with her school life though, and drowned out the sound of Carla's constant annoying voice with music from her favourite band, Sidartha. Being a drama queen, she doesn't just view the lead singer Stu Wolf as any normal musician. He is literally...


Well, he was. Until that dreadful day.

The end of the World.

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