Tuesday, 24 July 2012

1 Month Anniversary!

I thought the blogs month anniversary better go off with a bang, and why not it be the explosion of ovaries with a picture of Josh Hutcherson, aka Peeta in The Hunger Games?

First of all, thanks a bunch for getting me to over 1000 within the first month. I know I constantly spam you with the link to this site, but hey: if I didn't then you wouldn't have found me!

I would also like to say a few personal thank you's to some people on Twitter:

1. @Team_Haymitch, because this girl has been supporting me since day one and also spammed you all with the links to my site (she even did it today, bless her). She was also my first proper 'Twitter Friend' on this account, so I thank you very much and offer you a virtual hug in return for your hard work.

2. @HGRebels was the girl who inspired me to do the 'Summer Challenge' with her lovely tweets. She has also supported me for a long time and continues to do so, THANKS!

3. @tridentgirl62, thank you simply for making my day today and sending me numerous THG pictures. Some of them really made me laugh!

I could mention so many others but I haven't got the time - go on my Twitter page and follow them and everyone else!

That's all folks, I shall be writing a proper post in a bit.

Thank you again,
The Book Critic x

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