Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Summer Challenge

Hello everyone, I write bearing a suggestion for a challenge I wish for you all to do.

It's summer! A time when we all enjoy not being in school but that very fact leaves us with nothing to do and we usually end up feeling very bored.

But this idea will give you something to do while making other people feel better! Someone on Twitter today made this random status:

I call this challenge 'Summer Confidence' and I wish for you all to do it at least once while you are out and about for these next weeks. Do it anywhere - on lamposts, on shop windows in town etc...

I hate the feeling that when it comes to summer, both girls and boys start to stress about their weight just because they think they won't look good in their shorts or bikinis.

Fact: 100% of people who think that they are overweight or that they are not beautiful are wrong.

Size definitely DOESN'T MATTER and I want people to feel confident about their body every season of the year - especially young adults who shouldn't be worrying about their weight. So, I thought that this would be a peaceful and easy way to do it.

And legal. I'm pretty sure it is legal.

I don't know her name in real life, but I thank you @HGRebels for randomly putting this idea into the World for me to find. We shall call this a team effort!

Stay beautiful,
The Book Critic x

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