Saturday, 28 July 2012

Entering the World of Fanfiction

As it is the summer holidays, I have generally been doing nothing.

And I don't like that feeling of nothingness.

So, being the bored teenager I am, I have decided to do something with my time. I have decided to write fan fiction. I know, EVERYONE IS DOING IT, but I thought that after writing like this for an audience, I could work with the readers I already have.

I am working on a Hunger Games fiction at the moment, and because we don't know much about her I wanted to write about Foxface. Working with the information we already have, I shall try to come up with the best 'history' to her life as I can. 

It is certainly a work in progress, but after buying my first 'proper' writer's notebook I got a bit excited and felt the need to use it straight away.

(To the left: My new Notebook) 

Would you like a sneak peek? (NOT the final version)

'I know what they all call me.
In the arena, little do they know their whispers and muffled voices that are so hard to hear back in their districts are projected and enhanced to violent shrieks of abuse in the Games.

Just because I don't talk, it doesn't mean that I can't listen. Foxface. I feel like spitting on the ground every time I hear one of those incompetent District 12 loonies let it past their lips.
Why are they allowed to judge me, yet not share a conversation with me? More fool me I suppose - for wanting to talk to those who mock me for the colour of my hair and are my potential killers.

Still, I don't think it matters any more; I'm planning to kill them first.'

That's all you're getting! 

It is my first fan fiction and so I don't want to spoil it.

Hope you liked it!

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