Monday, 23 July 2012

More ideas for the 'Summer Challenge'

Oh look, I seemed to think that I was a photographer again.

Don't worry, its probably just a phase.

Seeing as none of you have taken my advice to do the Summer Challenge with your friends and make someone smile; potentially making their whole day better, I thought you were in need of a few more ideas.

And even if you feel embarrassed to do it in town or where there are many people, there is always a lampost on your street or a window of a friend's house available to make someone... even just one person happy.

I am only doing them around the house because I am supposed to be anonymous... even to my own family.

Like seriously, no-one knows who I am.

Two of these were taken on my violin book, because it is a happy song and again, I thought I was some fancy photographer at the time with my Blackberry.

Oh, the shame.

Anyway, I really do hope you spread the word about the Summer Challenge, and join me tomorrow in celebrating a month of this blog!

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