Thursday, 19 July 2012

Summer Challenge Ideas!

These are only ideas for the Summer Challenge that I created earlier today because I thought you may be a bit confused as to what to write on the sticky notes.

The first one was the simplest idea that I wouldn't insult your intelligence with by explaining. We are all pretty and I thought some people needed reminding.

The second one applies to Potterheads who wish to share some Harry Potter love. This one just kind of came to me and I thought that it would be a more personal one to put up around your area.

The third one isn't as good but it earned the setting of my bookshelf so now it looks important. My writing is terrible but I designed this one quickly and teens would still be appreciative of it whatever your handwriting style.

The final one for today is one of my favourites and should win some kind of award for the best sticky note to sit on my hand or something. This is what I refer to every time I become paranoid that someone in school is talking about me. Even though they may not be, I always think that even if they are; their words cannot hurt me and I shouldn't care what they are saying in the first place.
Just to clarify, I am serious about this challenge, and if anybody does care about this enough to actually do it with their friends one day then please take a picture and share it with me on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing about it!

The Book Critic x

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