Monday, 23 July 2012

What a fun Coincidence

I was just in my room making a catastrophic attempt to tidy it after spending the last month swimming in the mess, and I realised something...

I can't fit all of my books on my bookshelf.

Now, since there's no such thing as having 'too many books' I thought there must be another alternative to letting my most prized possessions chill on the floor for another year.

And, with deep sadness, I found the two years worth of SHOUT Magazine occupying serious bookshelf space. So, however much I hated doing it, the mags had to go. Although, I am still shifting through them with scissors in an attempt to make my bare wall seem 'cooler'.

Now, I can't exactly remember whether it was this morning or not, but I sent Shout Magazine a tweet to say how surprised I was when a day after starting the 'Summer Challenge' I bought their latest issue and found that they too were raising people's confidence levels with sticky notes.

While taking a break from cutting up said magazines issues, I got a Twitter notification on my phone. This was it:

I was literally staring at my phone screen like it was playing a prank on me - they have actually read the blog! And I felt proud that after not even a month of blogging (it will be tomorrow though) my favourite magazine has read and approved of my blog.

So, even though I had to tidy my room, I got quite the treat afterwards.

Excuse me while I go and try to shake the smile off my face,
The Book Critic x

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