Sunday, 19 August 2012

More reading music

I introduce to you, Charlene Soraia. She has been one of my top five artists for a long time, and her guitarist skills are like nothing I have ever heard before. The texture of the guitar is so unique, and her voice compliments the lazy but addictive tone in the guitar.

You may also know her voice from the Twining's advert.

I have done a few posts where I let you into my personal space and show you what music is on my ipod. This lovely lady is another example of those posts. I saw her live at a concert for girl guides this year when I was looking after the brownies in my district, and after the show I decided to get onto Twitter and compliment her on her performance. 

She just so happened to reply to me!

I really wish I could show you the reply, but unfortunately it is on my personal account. Don't get excited - I am not linking 'The Book Critic' to my personal account at any point. There is no point in trying to find me on Twitter either, because I don't follow myself on each account.

That would make it too easy for you.

Anyway, this is her performing 'Daffodils' live in a studio. I thought she would be another perfect voice to have humming in the background while you read, if that is how you concentrate on the book. 

Have a good day wherever you are,
The Book Critic x

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