Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nobody should be able to tell you what not to wear

This is the other post I thought was going to be important for you to read, and I have spent the last two days watching the topic of today's post.

The following video is when America's WHAT NOT TO WEAR presenters 'challenged themselves' to changing the 'kooky hippy ways' of Mayim Bialik, who is best known for her roles in Blossom, Beaches and The Big Bang Theory. 

Oh yeah, not forgetting her Phd too.

Since I live in the UK and the only fashion show I watch is Gok Wan, I will tell you how I found this. I was looking for interviews of TBBT cast and I found the 6 part 2011 interview at ComicCon. One of the questions a lady asked in it to Mayim was about 'what not to wear' and Mayim replied with something like 'well yeah, I wore a lot of things that people wouldn't agree with, but hey you're wearing a cape full of buttons'. I was interested as to 'what not to wear' was.

I didn't have to look that far, as the mysterious episode was in the featured bar next to the videos I was watching. I clicked on it, thinking it was a BBT episode I had missed or something, but it was far from it. 

The video appeared to be two people who had been spying on Mayim for the past three weeks, and  from what I could tell they were actually wanting to throw-up over her dress sense. Sure, it was not catwalk stylish, but she felt comfortable in it. To be fair to her, she was carrying her youngest child around a shopping centre the times they were spying on her.

Then, without warning Mayim, these two people rushed up to her in the middle of a street and told her how 'awful' her dress sense was. They sneaked her in to a building where they wanted to 'make Blossom bloom again'. Apparently, this show spends about $5000 on each celebrity, so Mayim offered to pay for her transformation herself as long as the money they were going to spend on her went to charity. This is one of the reasons why I love her.

Anyway, after showing her some outfits that they would like to see her in, they sent Mayim shopping. Miss Bialik commented that she didn't feel the outfits they showed her allowed her to express herself, so knowing the two 'fashion experts' wouldn't like it she bought a quirky green jacket that she said she felt beautiful in. They of course hated it and were laughing at her, but in true Mayim style she didn't care.

To cut a long story short, she ended up going against a lot of the rules the two people had set out for her and it totally worked. They couldn't exactly make her take back the jacket if she paid for it, right? SMART MAYIM.

Throughout the video, I felt let down by these two people trying to change her. Her Blossom style has stayed with her ever since and that is what makes her who she is. I guess it was just weird for me to see two people try to totally change someone, even when the person they are changing didn't sign up for it. We don't really have that type of show in England.

I highly recommend you watch it if you haven't already, because I learnt a lot from it. One of those things is to never push a person into doing something, because chances are they won't do it. 

The main thing: NEVER try to change a person, whether it being their sense of style or haircut. You may not realise it, but these little things make people who they are, and everyone is extremely special in their own way.

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