Thursday, 30 August 2012

Review: Dark Flame, The Immortals - by Alyson Noel

Some secrets must NEVER be revealed...

When Roman tried to kill Haven, it took all that Ever had not to exchange her best friend's soul for the antidote her and Damen need if they want to be together. But she knows what is more important, and that is friendship.

However, she is left to deal with a very confused Haven, and whichever way she tries to put it she can not escape from the truth. It was her who decided to give Haven the immortal elixir, and now she must confess to what she has done.

This also means revealing what she really is.

Will Haven take the news as seriously as Ever first thought? Or with the elixir making her taller, more beautiful, and more confident, will she finally be able to stop begging everyone for attention?

It had to be done. Ever knew that she had to tell Haven about what she has become. But does she know the true extent of Haven's hunger for attention; even with the new improved immortal body?

As with the other three in 'The Immortals' series, I found this book fast-paced and full of action. I think of Haven like a character who I love to hate - I feel bad for the neglect by her family but that is no excuse for the things she is going to do in the following book. 

If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend it for the lovers of Harry Potter. The magic used is totally different to that in Hogwarts but it sure is MAGIC.

WORD OF ADVICE: Look out for the character of 'Miles' in the series. He is a lot more important than you think. And totally loveable! 

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