Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shout Magazine - why it is the best teen mag

I bought this summer edition of Shout Magazine a few days ago and as the holidays are the only time I buy it I thought I would tell you all what it is exactly Shout does.

Being a magazine aimed at teenagers around the globe, Shout does have its fair share of fashion, beauty tips and 'embarrassing moments' provided by the readers. However, when it comes to what really matters, Shout is hot off the press.

There are real life stories about young adults who have had a tough time and got through it, problem pages and the best thing of all; confidence booster pages.

This is why I think that Shout is the best teen magazine. They not only cover the normal stuff that teens want to see, but throw a bit of the real life stuff in and make teens actually want to read it.

They have read my blog and said that it was really cool what I was doing. If you want to see the comment, scroll down my July posts and you will see the picture in there. I love that they strive to make teens see the real them, past all of the make-up and the boy trouble. It is a really respectable magazine, and you wouldn't see me buying a different one.

Oh here we go, back to the cheesy stuff again. But I'm telling you, if you are ever upset or stressed and need a magazine to take your mind off things, then Shout is the one to go for. If it is boys you are upset about, then they have a problem page to address that, and in some issues you may even find them telling you what a waste of time they can be!

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