Thursday, 16 August 2012

Take a leaf from Amy's book

Ok. So I didn't really know what to talk about with you today.

But I have been watching The Big Bang Theory all afternoon, so let's talk about that.

My favourite character is Amy Farrah Fowler, who is the one I look up to the most on the show. Here are some reasons why:

  1. She isn't afraid to be different to everyone else. She will quite happily announce her attraction to Penny and it won't seem weird at all because they are like sisters. 
  2. She doesn't spend her days shopping and yet even with the hand-me-down clothes she wears she still manages to look fabulous. I'm not saying that she doesn't take pride in her appearance, but she certainly doesn't spend her days worrying about it.
  3. Despite her relationship with Sheldon being somewhat different to everyone else's, she doesn't mind. Even though it rings true that she would like the relationship to get more physical at times, Amy doesn't get upset or depressed when Sheldon refuses her a kiss.
  4. We all know that Sheldon can be high maintenance most of the time, but Amy knows how to handle him. While others will accept the argument Sheldon makes about... well, everything, Amy has the guts to challenge his ideas and lead him in the right direction if he is doing something clearly wrong.
For all of these reasons and more, I respect Amy Farrah Fowler. Even if you don't watch the show (and I highly advise you to if you don't) then you can learn something very important from her.

Her message: BE INDEPENDENT. Don't suffer in silence if a boy is doing something wrong, and you know but are too afraid to challenge him because you are scared of what he might think.

Mayim Bialik plays the role of Amy, and I fully respect her as an actor for the things she has done to raise awareness of issues that she cares about. I will leave you today with a picture from the 'No H8' campaign that Mayim posed for.

I can't get over how simply perfect this picture is.

(In case you didn't notice, I have a bit of a girl crush on this lady.)

The Book Critic x

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