Saturday, 11 August 2012

The madness is over... or is it?

I'm back from holiday!

Ah, I did like being by the seaside very much, where the only thing that worried me was the automatic posting on the blog. Looks like I had a reason to worry too, as the first couple of posts didn't appear after I scheduled them.

But the madness is over now... or is it?

I struggled to refrain myself from talking about books while at Dorset, and as luck would have it I didn't actually have to go a week without searching for the real things. They have a lovely little market at Lyme Regis, where a certain man who was doing a sweet deal on books had set up a stall. I ended up buying five Agatha Christie's Poirot and three Jane Austin books, which were brand new and fairly cheap. Result!

As we were walking around the market, my parents, my brother and I saw my auntie who lives in Dorset and one of my other aunties who was staying with her at the time for a holiday. We stopped to talk to them both, and as I looked to the side I noticed another stall with brand new books in - only this time they specialized in children's and young adults's books. They were a little more pricey though, so I ended up buying three more books: Fallen, Paranormalcy and A Gathering Light.

If that wasn't enough, a couple of days later my auntie who lives down in Lyme had two bags of books that she no longer wanted and wanted to give to charity. However, she kept them a day longer so that me and my mum could look through them. I ended up picking a Katie Ford, a Stephen King and a book called 'The Zodiac Guide to Living' because they were a bit different than what I usually pick.

So, by the end of my holiday I came back with fourteen more books than I went with.

Is the madness really over... or has it just begun?

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