Sunday, 16 September 2012

394 problems and a word ain't one

Today, I have officially started what will hopefully become a novel.

Or three. I quite like the idea of this becoming a Trilogy.

I was really sceptical about me starting it at first, because I can't imagine myself having a full plan for the plot. My writing reactions are just WRITE, not plan everything out carefully until its perfect. Of course I want to make sure it is perfect in the end (or most likely as I go along) but if I try and plan it out now then it will never get done.

I won't tell you what its about, because I have the settings but not the storyline.

But I stopped to write this post, because I am on this many words:

And being a Potterhead I kind of Fangirled at my own work. I could just imagine Snape telling me to 'turn to word 394' and I want to dedicate that precious word to him.

I haven't even figured out what I am going to call my main character, who by the way I am writing in for first-person format. However, that obstacle is about to be crossed, because someone is going to call her by her first name in about two word's time.

I won't be writing everyday, because to be honest I can't imagine making a schedule for that either. But when I do I will inform you what word count I am up to. For your information, I am aiming for around 90,000 words. Which seems a lot, but it is only around 300 pages.

And I am receiving a copy of an author's new book that will arrive in the post in a couple of days. I will more than likely be out when it arrives, so I have A LOT of explaining to do to my mum when she questions me about it. 

But then, I couldn't really keep the blog from her forever. I don't think she will be mad, just more concerned that I am spending time focusing on this along with my GCSE's. Which actually, I am doing well in despite the blog being my full-time job. 

So a free book can be both a blessing and a curse.

Off to do homework/write my official manuscript,
The Book Critic x

P.S. I think you can safely say that I am an official writer now...

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