Saturday, 1 September 2012

Blooming Lovely

Hi all. I have been having one of those days where I just can't seem to get up and do anything, so I decided to search for my inner 90's child and watch Blossom, simply because Mayim Bialik was in it. 

I know, I know. I'm only fifteen. So Blossom was last aired about two years before I was even born. But watching The Big Bang Theory and becoming a fan of Mayim's has made me think about what she was like when she was younger. And since the world saw her grow up on Blossom, it might be a really good chance to witness it first hand.

I first knew it was going to be a good show when the opening titles came on. In series one, we see Mayim dancing around in front of a camera and looking happy. The background music is pretty rad too. Take a look:

Great, right? The only things was, after watching the pilot a lot of the plot seemed to change. For one thing, Blossom still had a 'mom' who was living with her. Then, in the second episode it became clear that she had ran away and left the father to deal with the three kids. Secondly, her dad ends up being played by a totally different man. To add to this, one of her brothers was originally named Donnie and then he was called Joey after Joey Lawrence who played him. But I think those changes were for the best, and I guess that's what Pilots are for!

Then I see what WHAT NOT TO WEAR meant about her 'Blossom Style', even though I had a pretty good idea. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it. 

I guess you just have to remember that it was the early 90's, and fashion was totally different to what it is now. A lot more respectable for one, but in some ways it was crazier!

I realized something too, and it made me chuckle. WHAT NOT TO WEAR was filmed a year before Mayim got the part of Amy Farrah Folwer in TBBT. In Blossom, she had a thing for cardigans and skirts. When the WNTW crew tried to change her, the tried taking away her denim skirts and cardigans. When she was cast as Amy, they dressed her up in cardigans... and denim skirts!

I suppose this just goes to show that you can't change a person. I understand that she has a specific style for Amy, but I'm sure she gets a big say in her wardrobe. 

And for those of you who are like me and weren't born at the beginning of the 90's, go and take a look at an episode of Blossom. I have been laughing pretty much non-stop and it has some really good messages in it:
  1. Yeah, ok. Blossom's other brother Anthony was a former alcoholic and drug user. But the message he tells the family and his friends is that he regrets it and it has ruined his life. 
  2. Blossom herself is an overachiever. In a society where I'm guessing it wasn't much fun to be a nerd, she sends out a good message that being smart is actually cool.
  3. As Blossom's dad said, "Good people always feel bad. That's why if you're really good, you're miserable all the time." after she lied to a boy to get out of going to a dance with him. This shows that it is always better to do the right thing, or end up feeling guilty about it.
And you know what? I can't wait to watch more of it. Since she starts off being fourteen and I'm only one year older, I feel like we are going to do some growing up together. Learn about life, making the right decisions, and learning how to correct a mistake you have made. 

And even though Mayim is actually all grown-up, there is no reason why I shouldn't watch it. She ended up with a Phd, so it's not exactly going to do me any harm.

You think I'm crazy? I realise a lot of my readers are Hunger Games fans, so I'm just going to show you a little picture, and maybe this will change your view of her:

You like her now?

Thought so!

Hope you have a good day, and another post will be coming up soon.
The Book Critic x

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