Monday, 3 September 2012

My 100th Mistake

So, I figured out that it was actually my 99th post yesterday. I guess I had a draft post that never actually got posted, and I must have counted that too. So, this being my actual 100th post, it is also most likely to be my 100th mistake.

Below is a representation of what I want to do to myself right now:

But we have 100 things to celebrate! First things first, I got my Hunger Games dvd - pendant and all! I had to go to asda at eight o'clock in the morning to make sure I got one, but it was worth it.

On my Twilight bed... DON'T JUDGE!

A close-up on the pendant (that I am wearing right now)

And then of course I had to watch it. Armed with cookies and monster munch, I created a little table full of food so me and my brother could snack after we had eaten our lunch.

The whole time I watched it with my new 'district 12 tribute' band  and my pendant on:

That's me.. lol.

Sorry for the 'boob' shot - I really wanted to show off my pendant. While we're on topic, the dvd box said that Nuts Magazine gave it 4/5 stars. 

Not appropriate, but totally on topic.

Anyways, here is my Game of Thrones book. I currently have a Waterstones bookmark in it even though I bought it from Forbidden Planet.

Oh yeah, and my mum told me that she will buy Seasons 1 and 2 of Blossom for me. I have to pay, so she's not really buying them. I can't complain with her reasoning though, because she is the one with the Amazon account.

And I have amazingly good news! Starting from Sunday the 9th of September, I will be posting every other week on YA STANDS, a blog that talks about anything Bookish! Yep - they officially signed me up today and I am going to be writing amongst real life authors. If that wasn't great enough, I am the youngest member and first teen writer on their blog! 

You can view it along with my 'team bio' here

So I guess this means I'm officially a writer now. I didn't expect this to happen so quickly, but I'm glad it did. At just fifteen, I have accomplished a lot more than my former 10-year-old lonely self ever thought was possible.

Actually, that's a lie. I thought I was going to be a famous author by the age of eleven.

The dream is still possible; its just taking a little bit longer than I once thought!

I will leave you today with a gif that shows perfectly how I am feeling, about becoming a writer and saving a what was a huge mistake in one day.

The Book Critic x

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