Friday, 7 September 2012

My French teacher is mad... ish

Another french post! I have no idea why but you all just seem to be obsessed with the post I did with Bernard (the little french dog - a creation of mine) and now I finally have a french class story to tell with a bit of french thrown in for good measure.

Picture this: it is the last lesson of the school day, and you have french class. Not just any normal french class, but one with a teacher who is actually french and as mad as a hatter. She has said some pretty batty things in her time, and I should know as I have been working the graveyard shift of double french on a friday afternoon for a year. But this one was possibly either the weirdest thing she has ever said, or the most clever: 

"I don't know about you, but sometimes words talk to me."

It was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. We were revising words to do with the weather, and these were part of the list:

  • la météo - the weather
  • il fait chaud - it is hot
  • il fait froid - it is cold
  • il y a du vent - it is windy
  • il y a du soliel - it is sunny
  • il y a du brouillard - it is foggy
  • il y a des nuages - it is cloudy

And when she said that, she was saying it about the foggy word, 'brouillard'. 

This is the clever bit.

When you pronounce this word in french, you say it like 'bruiyard'. However, you leave the 'D' slightly silent. If you say that word right now, it will remind you more of a 'blizzard' and you therefore end up thinking about bad weather. 

I think this is what she means by the words 'talking' to her. She meant it in a metaphorical sense - sometimes you will say a word and even if you can't remember what it means it will remind you of another one. Therefore, it will trigger a memory of the correct word.

So, even though 'brouillard' doesn't mean blizzard, it will remind you of an unpleasant weather condition, and that can lead you directly to 'foggy'. 

I decided to take it as one of the more clever things she has said, because underneath the craziness she really is a lovely woman.

Not only that, but we were watching Spiderman in her class at the end of the last term and when it got to the scene where he was swinging through the city on his web she said this:

"I dream I do this!"

And that day I decided that nothing will ever sound as crazy as that.


  1. Il fait chaud dans ma ville... thought I would work in un peu francais. :) Your teacher sounds wonderfully eccentric! I think eccentric is the appropriate word for the nice kind of mad. :D Really enjoyed the post!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I just have to take what she says as a good thing, because with her being french and all she doesn't quite know how to 'act' English! So glad you liked the post,

      The Book Critic x

  2. Hey guess what! You've been given an award. Head over to for the details.
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I read you response to my questions for the award, they were great!

      The Book Critic x


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