Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review: Night Star, The Immortals - by Alyson Noel

The fifth book and the series is slowly coming to an end... but whose life is at its end next? 

Ever is tired of keeping secrets from everyone she loves - and a part of her is willing to just give up and retreat to the Shadowland so she won't have to ruin other people's lives as well as her own. Still on the lookout for the antidote even with Roman gone, she has another problem to deal with.

Her former best friend with an elixir addiction and a vow to kill her as slowly and as painfully as possible.

Haven isn't in control of herself any more, and with Roman gone she feels like no-one is on her side. Can Ever help her, or was it just never meant to be?

Even with all of this going on, there is something Damen isn't telling her. About her past, his past, former relationships... their past together is certainly not what she thinks.

Again, I absolutely loved this book. It was a great holiday read and I'm glad I decided to keep up with the series! It's not one of those books where you can just pick it up from where you left it though - those big cliff hangers at the end of every tale makes you want to buy the next one straight away. 

If you are stuck on a gift for a friend, then these are the perfect present for any teen who wants a more mature read but not quite so 'mature' in the inappropriate sense. The descriptions are so vivid and you get hooked on every page you turn to.

This is the second to last book in the series, and in my opinion it was one of the best. There are rumours about making The Immortals in to a movie series too (I'm not sure how true it is, but I am hoping 100%) so grab these books while you can because they are going to be the next big thing! 

Team Damen or Jude?

Personally, I never saw competition here. Damen was always the one for Ever, and these books didn't make a show of making them compete for her affection. But Jude is a very nice guy, and I'm glad he doesn't get rejected in the way that you perhaps think he is going to be.

Keep reading folks, because in a couple of days I will be reviewing the very last one in the series! 

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  1. this book i really want to read i havent read it yet but i cant wait to ..... blonde hair blue eyes


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