Thursday, 27 September 2012

The day I finally watched The Emmys (or started to)

It seems as though the person who uploaded the FULL Emmy Awards on youtube has gone and deleted their account, so I had to go searching for another (more reliable) user that could deliver Jim and Mayim (and I am liking Jimmy Kimmel at the moment) to me in high definition.

It just so happens that I found a guy who can make that happen, and I am currently enjoying every bit of it. The Modern Family sketch nearer the beginning of the show was HILARIOUS. I have never seen a little girl act so professionally before, and Aubrey makes me laugh!

I couldn't contain my feelings on some parts, so I screenshot my feels for you:

The look of suspense on Mayim's face... she really wanted him to win.


Mayim in her dress... FAB U LOUS

This is called 'MA PEEPS' on my laptop *facepalm*

This one has a worse title on my laptop... 'Ma bby at the Emmyz' and I can't even say I'm embarrassed about it. I thought I would go for the colloquial touch.

"Jim Parsons - elegant and smart."

The funniest thing I heard so far was "And smooth. Smooth like a baby Jim. That's what you are." I honestly couldn't contain my tears of laughter.

I will be watching more, and screenshotting A LOT more if it carries on like it has been doing. But seriously, I'm just glad I am finally watching it because I have been busy with school and now I can relax for a couple of days.

The Book Critic x

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