Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My weird essay request

I go to this club called Explorers, and we were going to Blackpool to see the lights tonight (that's why I'm so late posting) but this man has only just started helping out with us, and last week I started debating with him about railways. I can't exactly remember how, but we just did. And for some reason, I was on the side of 'railways are totally natural things' and he was not. So, he told me to write a short essay for him so we could debate it on the way to Blackpool.

He read it and found it funny, so I thought I would show it to you. We ended up talking about The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who, so overall I had a great night.

Why Railways should be included on a natural map (not really – but it will be fun to debate)

Like the title says, there are absolutely no valuable reasons why railways should be included on a map as a completely natural source. However, I thought that this would be an extremely amusing thought to entertain us on a long journey to Blackpool.

I can’t even begin to go into the history of the train, because that alone would take up the entire word count before I begin to put forward my somewhat pointless arguments. Nevertheless, to provide a brief background, the earliest recording of a railway was a six kilometre wagon-way which was found in Greece during the 6th century BC. It was believed that slaves pushed trucks on this track. In Europe the most primary of railways was built at around the year 1350 and animals were taken on them. Although none of these earlier tracks included the much appreciated train, the idea for it was still there. At the time, it seemed to be one of the most natural things to have, just like we think it is natural to carry around a mobile phone. We don’t always use the phone for its intended purpose (to contact people) but it is natural to be near one.
Another point I suppose I could make is that a railway is made out of natural materials. It is normally made out of steel, which is an alloy of carbon and iron. These two elements are on the periodic table, and that is about as natural as you can get.

Smaller reasons why railways can be considered natural things: 
Vegans ride trains. Yes, it sounds silly, but I have thought about this. Vegans only eat totally natural food, and buy natural products. So, it seems only right that they take absolutely natural transport. Even vegans have to travel.
2.       In the not too distant future, trains will be one of the only historic inventions left on the Earth. Probably. So in about 300 years from now, trains may be considered as very natural things.

I doubt that I am going to be able to exceed your 750 word limit, but I think I have proved my point. Trains may not be one hundred per cent natural, but train tracks are a lot older and have been used for many more natural tasks in the past.

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