Friday, 19 October 2012

Teen Read Week - blog tour! (second post)

 Another Teen Read Week post!

It's late again, but I actually have a really good excuse. I couldn't schedule it, because I only do that in emergencies. And I was helping out with our Brownies (girl guiding thing) tonight so a post was out of the question earlier.

I want to talk to you about the importance of reading. Teens: to be able to read and enjoy it at the same time can help you in life. 

Ask anyone -  when you get to that certain age (this sounds like 'the talk', but I am not even going into that) it is even more important to get reading than when you were younger. 

If that's possible. Not really, but you know what I mean.

When you are in the lower grades at school (or years for my fellow British folk) everything is just kind of parroted back to you. You never have to do any revision when you are young so there isn't that independent reading thing you are required to do now.

Revision books are basically my lifeline. A few of my teachers are... well... pretty bad at their job. So when it comes to revision, I sometimes have to teach myself from scratch. These revision books I have, CGP revision books, are just fabulous. Has anyone else heard of them before? They are really helpful and at the end of every page there is a joke relating to the topic. For instance:

"Your mum has lost her trousers, but I have her genes." (Science)

Despite the ultimate CHEESE factor, I couldn't have done as well in my exams without them. Reading them is a really enjoyable experience and if you can be bothered (which you should be) then I advise you to get one and start reading. The really help.

If you don't like reading for fun, then try these revision books. At least you would be putting the time in with reading but you would be learning something valuable at the same time.

Another tip? Get off Facebook too. 

Come one.

I know you hate it anyway.

Here is the rest of the schedule for today!

Friday, Oct. 19
8:00— Inklined
4:00- The Book Critic 

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