Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tips for NaNoWriMo - Having fun with it

I admit it. I may have heard that during the course of the month you don't feel all that great. 

Late nights, harsh deadlines, lack of sleep... what could be worse?

But you need to remember that it is all for a good cause. Is it your dream to be a writer? Good. Get used to it. Even with the blog I have trouble keeping up with things. And NaNo on top of all of that? 

I don't mind. It has pretty much been my dream to have a book published before I was even ten years old. I just didn't realise it until a few months ago. 

You always have me to help you along the way. My NaNo username is BookFangirling, so you can add me as a buddy if you want. But you need to remember to have fun with NaNo, because if you don't then I guarantee your story will not come easily.

Take a walk. Eat some chocolate. See as much of your outside friends as possible. Don't confine yourself to your room for the whole month, because that will just make things harder. You want the inspiration? Go out and get it. 

Your novel will not just be handed to you on a plate by your brain. Take breaks after a long spurt of writing, and perhaps do things you don't do on a daily basis. 

Since I have never done NaNo, I am very new to this too. But these are all the tips I can give to you for being so inexperienced, and I hope it helps a bit.

There's only one more thing to do... WRITE!

Have a great start tomorrow, and see you on the other side (hopefully with a completed novel.)

The Book Critic x

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