Monday, 29 October 2012

Tips for NaNoWriMo - Hitting the word target

Hitting a word target for something is difficult, even without the added pressure of doing it within a month. But how do we get past those difficulties?


I'm being serious. Have you ever had a writing session like this?

Give yourself some NaNo dares! These are real things. For example, if you are having dialogue trouble, make one of your characters hard-of-hearing. Then they have to say 'what?' or 'excuse me? Say that again' whenever someone talks to them.You may not realise it but your word count will shoot up.

Other dares include:
  • Having a parrot in your story (great for repeating lines!)
  • Writing a breakdown of the chapter before you begin it (even if you don't exactly know what is going to happen)
Another thing I would suggest you do is go on Youtube and watch videos. Like, a lot of videos. No matter how weird they are, they will give you quick bursts of inspiration. The weirder or funnier (although they tend to fall in the same category) the better.

And it may sound crazy, but do you know one of the best things of all? FANFICTION. 

Sites like are great for people's fanfictions. You can just type in your favourite show or movie, and I guarantee that if they are popular enough they will have many people writing about them.

If you read a cute or really intense fanfiction, the inspiration from others can help your emotions come out. Then you can get to writing that best-seller. 

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