Monday, 29 October 2012

Tips for NaNoWriMo - Hitting the word target (Continued)

I understand that a lot of the novels you are writing for NaNo are not all serious. 

So, you have the potential for a bit of fun, yes?

In my last post I talked to you a bit about dares. Here are some more:

1. I lost the game!

Ugh. I hate that game and love it at the same time. Pretend your characters are having a normal conversation, and then one shouts 'DAMN IT - I LOST THE GAME!'. The other characters can then get into an argument with the first one about making them lose the game. You word count will shoot up! 

2. Don't think about penguins.

This method is kind of like the first one. All you can probably think about now is penguins, and the object of the game is to not think about penguins. This, in effect, makes you think about penguins more. Make your characters go through this annoying time, they will thank you for it in the end. 

3. Oops! The wrong abandoned building...

Picture the scene. Your characters have just spent ages searching for the address of an abandoned building and they have to go in it - facing probable death. But then, disaster strikes! It is the wrong abandoned building and they have to start all over again. Your words will multiply with this idea!

4. Social Network Addiction.

We have all been there. Let's face it... we are all THERE. So why not one of your characters? This  could be a main storyline or a little extra; this is also a good topic for an argument!

5. Get down Mr President!

This is basically what this dare is - a great idea for a scene!

6. Parodying your English teacher!

There are two types of teachers - really cool (like my English teacher) or really uncool (like most of my other teachers). And since this is a book, which relies on the English language... why not include your English teacher? This is perhaps one of the trickiest dares to do - you already have your inspiration but if your English teacher happens to read it in the future it could be disastrous! 

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