Friday, 26 October 2012

Tips for NaNoWriMo - Writing Buddies

I know what you're thinking... what the heck are writing buddies?
Well, they're definitely not people you consult about your writing.
As such.
They are imaginary animals, and each writing buddy has a special job to do. For example, you can have Dialogue birds who help you with your character's speech, and Hellhounds to guard your story from any harm that might cross it's path.
I don't have one of each, but I do have special little friends of my own. These are some of the other buddies you can have, but they're mine! You can't have the same buddies as someone else:
My writing buddies: 
Plot Cat - Gordo 
Anti-distraction Demon - Tumtum 
Fiction Fairy - Blossom

Gordo is a vampire cat, who sinks his teeth into any plot idea you give him. He lives off the blood of bad plots and turns them into good ones. He is a cheeky cat who will wake you up in the middle of the night if he gets a good idea, and he is as loyal as any pet could be. He won't leave you until you are no longer in need of his services. Watch out though - he doesn't get on with real life cats!
My anti-distraction demon is called TumTum, and he takes giant emerald and ruby dragon form. He is named after my ultimate distraction, Tumblr. His size makes it easy for him to block the door to my bedroom so that while writing I can't get out, until I have completed at least my daily word count. Anyone who enters my room while in author-mode will have fire breathed in their face, and the same goes for if I use 140 characters for a tweet instead of my novel. He eats fandoms if he sees them.
Blossom is my fiction fairy. She only helps me out in November because she knows Christmas is soon afterwards. A generally lazy fairy, she is always content and goes everywhere with me... only to sleep perched on my shoulder or in my bag when we are out and about. I don't see her much, but when I do she is either dancing, sleeping, or raiding my word-count fridge.
The funny thing is, these buddies can really help you while taking part in NaNoWriMo. Now that I have them, they are going to make things easier for me. Although, I will be talking to them aloud during the month, so my family may think I'm crazy.
If you decide to create your own, you won't even have to worry about keeping up with their characters. Seriously, once you have thought of them you will automatically visualise them. It won't be like creating another story on top of the one you want to write for NaNo. This is the beautiful thing about this method.

I will be giving you a few more tips before NaNo starts, just in case any of you are actually going to participate. It is my first year too, but I have studied it well enough to know that it is completable and we will have lots of other people to help us.

If you want to add me as a human buddy, my name is BookFangirling. 

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