Sunday, 4 November 2012

Choosing a job

My school often says this:

"We are preparing some of you for jobs that haven't even been invented yet."

Which to me, is the stupidest thing you can say to teens. Like seriously, you have just put my hopes up for a job as a Doctor Who tribute act!

I look at it this way: if it doesn't exist yet, don't worry about it. There is enough stress of picking out a job you like the look of that is already out there, without thinking about getting to them in your chauffeur-driven flying car.

My mum told me a pretty decent piece of advice on Thursday:

"You have the internet. Use it to look at what some jobs require."

So do this. Mothers are nearly always right.

The internet is actually a great way of getting to know what each job/course requires. Because I'm unsure too, I am looking at degrees I could possibly do at the university I really want to go to when I'm older. There are lots of choices out there and you just have to look.

Because you will have to do this job for pretty much the rest of your life, you want to choose one that you won't get bored of. Don't worry about what your best friend is going to do - mine wants to be the Prime Minister and I have absolutely no interest in running the country.

Remember: its not a contest so don't treat it like one. You can't compete against your friends because one of you will LOSE. Especially if you both want to be Prime Minister. Then you will most probably lose.

A good job is hard to find. An easy one is impossible. A fun one is easy to find, if you look properly.

Maybe be a Doctor. There are lots of different types to choose from:

Or be a Doctor's assistant. I hear they are always looking for one:

And think carefully about being an MP. Seriously. 

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