Monday, 5 November 2012

I'm not so alone anymore

Do you know my really good friend on Twitter, called @Team_Haymitch?

It's her 15th birthday today!

And since I don't know her in real life, I couldn't give her a materialized birthday present.

So I had a brilliant idea.

This girl (and yes, I do know her real name) has supported me with the blog from day one. I don't know why, but she had complete faith in it. And for some reason, she still does.

What do you get someone who you can't actually see?

I decided to go down the very unconventional route of giving her a piece of my blog. A day, really. Each Friday, you will get to read a post from her, named 'Kendal's Column'. Or at least that's what we think it's going to be called. We are in the planning process of the details!

*Le happy dancing*

She's fabulous. Honestly, she is clued in on all of the Fandoms and more. I can't wait for her to start writing with me!

A little update for you,
The Book Critic x

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