Friday, 23 November 2012

Kendal's Column: The End Is Ny Today...Or Tomorrow...Or Next Tuesday.

There are now approximately 29 days until the end of the world and were all gonna die and 'omg we should all partyyyy coz YOLO!!!!!1!!1!!'
That GIF (JIF) was pretty much my reaction to the whole conspiracy theory. If you ,however, are having sleepless nights over the idea then here's some points they may put you mind at rest.

  • If your thinking, like many others, that the Mayans predicated the end of everything then i should probably mention that the Mayans didn't know of leap years so the world kinda ended 13 months ago...whooops.
  • Also, the Mayan calender ending doesn't actually mean the end of the earth- they THEMSELVES have said that the new time cycle with only bring changes on personal and family levels, not geological or scientific
  • Planet X isn't real. it's purely an internet hoax, Sorry! (GCSE in astronomy, BOOM.) 
  • There isn't any evidence to suggest solar storms will occur or meteor strikes will occur. 
  • NASA have a whole page dedicated to eradicating these rumors (click here) and its NASA. THEY CAN'T LIE.
I'm not trying to be a kill-joy or ruin anyone's fun (from end of everthing parties etc) because I have to agree-you only have once chance to live the way you want and do everything you want to* (Not saying YOLO, NOT SAYING YOLO). So here's my final point:

  • Life is scary and uncertain. Nothing is concrete.

So GO have a crazy party* or sing at the top of your lungs in public or...just have fun* because (this is the really scary part): The world could end TOMORROW...yep, that's right. The truth is, there is an equal chance of your world crashing down on the 21st December as there was today and  as there is tomorrow. 

So even though the world may not be more likely to end on the 21st, it doesn't give you the excuse to sit there as a vegetable on tumblr (like me). So I challenge you, I challenge you to live, live the best life you can because everything could change tomorrow.

Happy Friday!
*Note: Whatever fun you plan to have, please make sure you're being legal and responsible, check age restrictions and always drink responsibly.

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