Friday, 9 November 2012

Kendal's Column- Happy First Post Friday!

So, hi there! 
For those of you who are looking at the title and thinking 'WHAT IS THIS?!' then you probably aren't aware that , from now on wards,  I will be posting every Friday! I will posting similar stuff to @Bookfangirling /The Book Critic (whom I love dearly) but first, I thought you might want to know a bit about moi:

  1. My post is called 'Kendal's Column' because Kendal is PART of my full name, it could be my first name, it could be my surname, it could be my middle name, who knows?...oh wait-I do!
  2. I am part of MANY fandoms -Tribute, Lovatic, Swiftie, Hutcher, Lawsbian, TVD, Whovians, Sherlock, TBBT, Danosaur, Phandom etc... (in no particular order).
  3. I have been through (probably more) than my fair share of rough patches...REALLY ROUGH PATCHES- like puncture in your tyre rough- so if any readers ever need someone I'm open to talk to and offer my help (and I'm sure @bookfangirling/The Book Critic would be to!)
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to books...that and Oreos (double creme FTW)
  5. If you want to follow me on twitter then click here 
  6. My OTP? Timone and Pumba (not romantically)- Hakuna Matata right? but inner fangirl craves Johhnlock 
  7. I'm 15, British and female (just to clarify)
I am lucky enough to have this spot as gift from @bookfangirling/The Book Critic so massive kudos to her :D love you Little Unicorn!

Happy Friday!

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