Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Reading Music - Adele

We all know who Adele is.

And we actually learnt a couple of things about the song for the newest Bond movie, Skyfall, in our music lesson the other week.


  1. There is only one musician who has played on every single James Bond movie. His is a lead trumpeter, and his name is Derek Watkins.
  2. It cost $150 million to make. (the movie, not the song)
  3. It took 133 days to film (again, the movie)
  4. The word 'Skyfall' was mentioned in the song 15 times.
  5. It still sounds like a Bond song, because it had samples of the original soundtrack in.
  6. It took a 77 piece orchestra to play
My music teacher also said that if you are asked to sing a song for the Bond movies, you are pretty high up in the music business. Which, we all know, Adele is.

This is Derek Watkins:

My music teacher has met him, and she has even played in the brass section with him a few times. I think that's pretty cool.

But anyway, I love this song. Addicted is a better word!

It's a slow song and you don't have to try hard to hear the lyrics, so it would be great to chill out to with a good climatic book.

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