Friday, 21 December 2012

Kendal's Column: A Mini Series Of Festivities- So What Have You Done?

Over the past few weeks I have given you 3 posts full of festivities to get you in the mood for Christmas but please don't forget to do something for other, less fortunate people than yourself.

I am going to talk about a few organisations that I feel passionately about. 

Harmless is a charity that provides help and support to those effected by self harming. I support this because I hear and see people talking about their struggles with self harm far to often on the internet and in my own life. It's a terrible, dark place to be in your life and people need help to get through it. It's a scary and lonely time in many people's lives and for someone to stop and say 'you're going to be OK now' coukld change a live. It could stop a suicide.

Project For Awesome
YouTube  is often very mysterious as we (the viewer) probably only subscribe to about 5-10 YouTube vlogers so we only see a very small percent of YouTube therefore most of us probably don't know that YouTubers are constantly talking to each other and have formed a wibbly wobbly (world-wide)web called the  YouTube community. They'll  meet at youtube conferences and discuss STUFF and they come up with amazing ideas like Project For Awesome. The idea actually come from our very own VlogBrothers who came up with a charity that would decrease WorldSuck and replace it with awesome. 
The idea grew and now every year in December since 2007, YouTubers everywhere (who participate) upload a video supporting a chosen charity which then gets uploaded to the P4A site THEN WE MAJESTICALLY ENTER and leave comments on those videos which donates a penny to the cause and we can donate extra money from our own piggy banks to (Yes. I still have a piggy bank).
The money raised is then spread out among the causes in videos like clean water, endangered/mistreated animals, people who suffer from cancer Alzheimers etc . Together YouTube decreases WorldSuck. 
It's so beautiful *wipes tear* 

Help For Heroes
i think this charity is beautiful beacuase i believe that the danger our soliders are in and the injuries that can occur are underrated by most people. These people go out to war-zones and some don't come back with what they left with. Some don't come back at all.
Help for heroes helps those soldiers who's lives have been affected by their time serving by offering financial care for soldiers who may have returned disabled, offering rehabilitation programes as well as help for mental illnesses that can develope whilst serving e.g combat stress. 
These people have served for their country and have helped so many people. Supporting a charity like H4H will do so much more for people than liking a picture on facebook that's captioned '1LYKE= 1 RESPEKT'.

I'm not saying that other charities aren't equally important but these are just a few of the charities I support. I am not forcing you to donate to any of the charities listed or any other for that matter as i do know that times are tough and Christmas is an expensive time but it doesn't matter if it's a penny or a pound- it all goes to the greater good and helps many people.

Happy Friday!
P.S. Have a wonderful christmas.

Its so precious i'm overflowing with pure Christmas feels 

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