Friday, 25 January 2013

Kendal's Column: Lifescouts #1

'Lifescouts' is a organisation/movement/group which is based on the concept of boy scouts and the badges they receive for completing activities. Here is a video from the 'founder', Alex Day...

You can also see The Book Critics Lifescout achievements by clicking the tab above: 'The Book Critics Lifescout Badges'

I am going to share my badge collecting experiences by doing a Lifescout post on the last Friday of every month starting now. I will include up too 4 badges in each post but this may increase as more and more badges become available to achieve. Here are some of my first Lifescout badges-

I must have been about 4/5 when I first went swimming. I loved it (this may have been something to do with my obsession for the little mermaid) except I always swallowed the water and then got tummy ache.
Fast forward to when I was 8 and my primary school took us swimming every Tuesday afternoon to the local pool. I , not to blow my own trumpet, was placed in the deep end. I continued taking after school lessons until I was about 10 then it began to collide with another after school activity and I had to choose and swimming lost. 
I still enjoy swimming and I still swim when I'm on holiday I just think I'd been swimming for long enough as a hobby and wanted to try new stuff. 
My best experience when swimming was when I swam in a heated, volcanic part of the ocean which was like a hot spring.

Top of the Eiffel Tower
It was the summer of 2011 and me and family were going to the south of France for our summer holiday. We went by train so we decided we'd spend a couple of days in Paris. So naturally i dragged my family to the Eiffel tower at 9 o'clock at night. Unfortunately, we didn't check the weather...there was a FRICKING THUNDERSTORM but we didn't die. It had to be the biggest thunderstorm I'd ever seen but it was beautiful: Paris stretching out in all directions, illuminated only by the streetlights and the omnipresent lightning.

French Language.
I spent 4 years of my life trying to learn French but it just never clicked with me. I still know a few things but no where near enough to get me anywhere in life. I'm now taking Spanish at GCSE as my mother influenced me into taking a language, a decision i know regret as a have come to the discovery I am DEFINITELY NOT A LINGUIST. I'm not saying that languages are difficult for everyone it's that they're not easy FOR ME, personally. 

Fortunately I have never had to use this and I really hope I don't have too. 
In the summer term of Year 6, after we'd all taken our last tests of primary school we, for some reason, had some spare time when everyone else was having maths. The teachers then decided to fill this time by giving us a first aid course. 
We were the first year in the school to ever do this and I think it was a great idea because I don't think I'd have learnt how to do CPR safely anywhere else unless I became a teacher (the children's education would be appalling if I became I teacher)

ALSO I have had an idea to include my favourite song-of-the-moment at the end of every Kendal's Column. 
Here are Imagine Dragons with It's Time.

Album available in the UK on 1st April
Happy Friday!

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