Friday, 11 January 2013

Kendal's Column: I Organized My Life...I Mean Blog Posts.

This week has been, phenomenally busy, I've had GCSE's, results for GCSE's, revision, coursework, broken heel bones and just STUFF.

In the UK when you reach Year 10 (equivalent of a Freshman Year in american high schools- when you're 14 turning 15) you suddenly get hundreds of pieces of coursework to do and sometimes it all becomes bit of a blur and you're left thinking 'What the hell am I doing? where am I? what is this?' when your doing your work.
Considering that next year it's said to a LOT worse, I've decided to get my act my act together and actually start planning my work.
*Shock Horror* Kendal may actually be prepared for something .
I would recommend doing this as, so far, I have found it incredibly easy for the work to just start building up and the pressures of the work whilst being a professional procrastinator is just not working for me.
The way I went about doing this is by allocating 2 and a half nights(at present) a week where I my brain will be 100% FOCUSED WORK (that means no internet *sobs*) but so far it's going really well- I'm actually on top of my work for once.

I'm not going to go into too much detail because nobody wants to hear 'The Timetable Of My Life-Work Edition.'
BUT,  I did manage to organize some future posts!
They are very ranged posts from reviews on books (probably The Host next), I have one opinion post, I'm in the process of planning a short story (but that will be a while away) and (NO GUARANTEES) I am thinking of having a small Giveway/Competition but I need to discuss that with The Book Critic as it is her blog and she may planning something herself but do leave your comments below.

Guess who's birthday it was?
SO without further or do...

So I'd just like to say a few words *raises mug of hot chocolate*
The Book Critic is a wonderful, flawless person (even if she denies it) .
She is so kind and try's so hard for this blog and I'm so proud of her and what she's done.
She achieved over 175 views on post,  She has over 11500 views in just under 7 months and I'm damn proud to be her friend (even if it's just via the internet). 
I couldn't be more happy for my little unicorn.
Keep at and I plan to keep being your friend for a long time to come.

Happy Friday!

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