Friday, 18 January 2013

Kendal's Column: The Uglies- Scott Westerfeld

A dystopian novel set in an eerie version of our future world.
With our time long gone and only read about in history books, the future is run by a government that dictates what people look like as a form of controlling the nations peace.
On each citizens 16th birthday they undergo drastic plastic surgery  changing their natural 'ugly' looks into a stunningly beautiful 'Pretty' where your aim ,as a Pretty, is to have as much fun as possible.

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Tally, 15, is counting down the days until she can become pretty and walk the streets of new pretty town herself (legally that is). Unfortunately, as one of the youngest in her school year, she will be one of the last in her to become pretty. 
With Pretties and Uglies separated and all her friends already pretty, Tally spends her days playing 'Ugly tricks'(pranks).
But Tally makes a new friend  in the final weeks leading up to her operation. 
Shay, a girl who has other ideas about becoming a pretty, has heard whispers.
When Shay runs away the night before her operation Tally's life is thrown into chaos. Forced to choose between betraying her friend or else never becoming a Pretty.

Kendal's Rating: Friday.
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Reading this book was eye-opening and kind of scary because it COULD happen and I think this is what fascinates me about dystopian books, maybe not so much 'The Hunger Games' (because slaughter of children  (or any person) for entertainment should hopefully still be frowned upon) but in theory, yes, these societies may come to exist (but lets hope not). The difference I found between books like The Hunger Games and the Uglies is the Uglies has taken issues in our current society (judging people by looks, prejudice  discrimination etc.) and magnified it so it effects the way the country is run and this scares me...and intrigues me.
The society of the Uglies looks down on our times, seeing us as violent and stupid for all that we have done to the planet e.g Global Warming, weapons of mass destruction, wars and poverty etc. and that the government introducing the operation is a good thing and stopped all the jealousy that caused society's problems.
If this is true, and we are all just jealous, then (as a society) we need to stop gossiping in the playground and get it together.

The book itself was well structured,  there are three parts -stages- to the book. It's really well spread out so we spend time in the pretty world and time with Tally too but the action happens in quick succession so even when we are alone with Tally for about a week we get bored.
There were constant cliffhangers (literally in some cases) and the ending?
I sat in my room for an hour asking myself if authors WANT me to die from pure emotion
So, yes I did buy the second book in the quartet 'Pretties' and I fully intend to finish the series.

Happy Friday! 

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