Friday, 18 January 2013

Original Sherlock Poem - 'The Fall in our Stars'

So I wrote a poem, and I thought I would share it with you. It still isn't technically the final draft of it but I wanted to know what you thought. This poem is based on BBC's Sherlock but it isn't really; it is my take on the emotions both Sherlock and John are feeling after the last episode. It also has a few loose quotes from John Green's 'The Fault in our Stars' because I thought about the two stories together and how the emotions I'm trying to portray are quite similar.

Here we go... please tell me what you think in the comments.

'The Fall in our Stars'

It’s okay John,
I know what to say,
No other person,
Made me feel that way
It’s not okay Sherlock,
At the end of the day,
You are dead and I’m alive,
It should be the other way
Don’t ever let me hear you say that,
Humans are not built to last,
Hell is my future,
Earth is my past
Hell is my present,
My future looks cold,
We had our infinity,
Or so I’ve been told
Our infinity was short,
But it was ours to keep,
Now please just forget me,
And go back to sleep
When I go back to sleep,
I will make sure not to wake,
Infinity without you,
Is too much to take
Stop saying these things,
Don’t do what I did,
Your presence alone,
Made me feel like a kid
There’s a fault in our stars
And you’re the missing hero,
When I look to the sky,
I see zero
I’m no angel,
Don’t think for one second I am,
You heard Richard Brook,
I’m a fake of a man
Moriarty is real,
I will always believe,
I miss you like hell,
And my heart’s on my sleeve,
Put it away,
Lay me to rest,
You deserve to be happy,
I made you depressed
You kept me alive,
You kept me sane,
And without you,
There is only rain
I’m in the sky now,
I’ll turn the rain down,
You are so special,
The best man around
You are the best,
You are my life,
I’m running out of air,
I’ll turn down the lights
If you are sure,
Leave a note first,
I can’t talk any longer,
My heart has burst
We are not lovers,
We are not ours,
Without one another,
There’s fault in our stars
Keep your light on,
Just one second more,
Turn around John,
I’m at the door
I need to see you,
I need that fix,
This is a three patch problem,
Of a different mix
You said you believe,
You’re true to your word,
Believe me when I say this,
I’m still on this Earth
Moriarty was clever,
Moriarty was true,
But if you were here,
He would have found you
Richard Brook is dead,
How stupid can you be,
If you take your own life,
You will never see me,
I’m walking to the kitchen,
I’m finding a knife,
I may have a gun,
But you have my life
Let me in John,
Don’t leave me at the door,
Find me in yourself,
Or I’ve lost this war
I was in war,
I’m used to death,
But with you gone,
I’m out of breath

I’m crushed of hope,
My light has gone,
I love you Sherlock,
I love you John.

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