Friday, 8 March 2013

Kendal's Column: Looking on the bright side of life

It at this point in the year, I personally start to feel a lot happier.
the sun is shinning
the birds are singing
the days are longer

however the season is not the only thing that is making me bubbly,
SHERLOCK SEASON 3 IS BEING FILMED NOW (or some point this month)
*everybody breaks down into tears of joy*_
Catching fire is releasing poster and amazing things (I suspect a trailer will arrive soon)
There are so many things happening this year (even in the next 6 months) that you should be happy/ excited for! so if you are going through a particularly rough patch then just keep in mind that the fangirl world is always a happy place to feel good

Happy Friday!

ps. I am truly sorry that this post is so short, in aid of Mother's Day (UK) my dad decided to spring a family weekend trip. I will edit this once I figure out how to configure the Internet once we get there :/
sorry again. I aim to make a 'back up' post for this kind of situation over the next week so (hopefully) these horrifically short posts will become less frequent. Sorry, I'm trying I swear. I will get better at this.

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