Friday, 15 March 2013

Kendal's Column: Book Review- 13 reasons why

13 reasons why is a story of a girl, A girl who commits suicide but she sends out tapes with her story on to 13 individuals who are her 13 reasons why she killed herself.
We follow the story of , high-schooler, Clay Jensen.
He loved her.
He is on the list.

Rating: Friday
I admittedly read this book a while ago but I was cleaning up from the floods of emotions.
This book touches on many problems in everyday teenager's life and i found it incredibly hard to put down.
Hannah's tapes start with her introducing herself and explaining what the tapes are and how there is no way to escape from sending them on to the next person on the list as she has a back-up who will release the tapes to the public if they're not passed on.

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Her story starts when she first moves to town at the
start of high school she makes friends but like most people, whilst making friends she picks up a few enemies along the way.
Hannah's story seems to have all but ended as the doors to her life a blown open before Clay but he can't help but wonder, where does he fit into this puzzle?

During this book, without giving too much away, we see Hannah go through a smaller changes in her life that add up and eventually result in her actually ending her life.
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Hannah's story happens as in, there are cases like Hannah's going on every single day.
That makes this book terrifying.
Little things add up, and that is something I don't think many of today's teens realise.
An anonymous comment on tumblr can be just as emotionally scaring as someone at school abusing you.
People need to know that just because you 'only said one thing' doesn't mean that it was an acceptable thing to do.
Also because someone said something about another person doesn't automatically make it true AT ALL.
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This Book is being adapted to film in the near future with Selena Gomez already cast as Hannah.

Kelly Clarkson- Dark Side

Happy Friday!

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