Friday, 22 March 2013

Kendal's Column: Books For Easter Break

FINALLY EASTER BREAK IS HERE. (almost- it starts on thursday but next friday is lifescouts #3!)

Over the last 4 weeks of my life I have had NO TIME to read (my teachers are evil) so I have devised a plan to catch up with my reading: EASTER POWER READ.

Over the two weeks that I get for my holiday I plan to read  a minimum of 8 books (this will put me on a good standing on Goodreads and get me through all the books I am dying to read) between going to see Imagine Dragons (EEEP!) and seeing the host (in cinemas 29th March! EEP!) watching Doctor Who (!!!!), baking, arting, building forts and all the other stuff I do.

I have a stack (tower) of the books I am going to read and I'm going to post them bellow so YOU can
a) browse the awesome creations of today's authors
b) suggest which ones you would like me to review
c) recommend other books for me to read
d) give your opinion on the books.

City Of Bones- Cassandra Clare
How to save a life- Sara Zarr
Gone- Michael Grant
The Summer I Turned Pretty- Jenny Hann
I Am Number Four-Pittacus Lore
Switched- Amanda Hocking
The Flower Of Isabelle- Heidi Garrett (i am going to review the first book soon!)
Delirium- Lauren Oliver
The First Pillar- Roy Huff
Unravelling- Elizabeth Norris
Hate List- Jennifer Brown
Wonder- R J Palajio

I do have some more books on the stack (I so I will update you all my book status on the 5th April but if you want to keep track of me then just look at my goodreads profile as I will update during the weeks from there.

Happy Friday!

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