Friday, 29 March 2013

Kendal's Column: Lifescouts #3

It's Lifescouts time again!

Scuba Dive
I started snorkeling when I was about 7 as my Dad used to go to a scuba diving club that met on Thursday nights and I tagged along as ,after the meet, my dad always bought me a J2O ( I though it was cool because it came in a glass bottle instead of plastic). I made friends with a girl there and we swan around in the pool together and it was really fun.
My dad suggested I could try a really small tank when I was about 8/9/10. I did a 'reefers and wreckers' course and got a certificate at the end to say I could (kinda) scuba dive so that is always a good thing to whack out at a dinner party.

Play Video Games
I missed the generation of classic Nintendo by about 2 years so the first video game I played was on Nintendo DS lite and i think the first game I ever played on it was 'my horse and me' on Christmas day 2007.
When I had my DS lite I used to save my £10 a month pocket money and, every two months, go to Argos and buy a game.
I then upgraded my DS lite when the DSi came out and then upgraded it again when the 3DS came out and got a fairly good deal each time.
I also got a Wii at Christmas 2009 after begging my parents for months and I still play on it with my brother as we slowly work through Super mario galaxy 2 and new super mario bros. Wii saving his girlfriend AGAIN (srsly mario, you owe us a solid) and we have the most fun and some fairly hilarious deaths.
My brother has recently resurrected his Super Nintendo and IT IS AMAZING.
I am going to end this badges on the note I AM THE LORD OF MARIO KART.

Go Bowling
I first went bowling at birthday parties but  its become a bit of a habit between me and a group of my friends.
We usually go bowling on Saturday and I ALWAYS (as a rule) put the names into the computer ( if you have ever seen the names of contacts in my phone, you will know why).
If you have never been bowling then I am telling you to go. now. You can have so much fun and even if you find that you don't like bowling you'll undoubtedly have fun finding that it isn't for you.
I haven't actually won YET but SOON MY TIME SHALL COME.

When I was in year 6 I watched 'The Universe' or some variation on Nat Geo (Kendal, your extreme-nerd-core is showing) and my little brain was just mind blown with mind-blowness and I fell in love with space.
I'm doing astronomy at GCSE now and I've just finished my coursework for it and I have my 2 HOUR exam for it on May 15th.
The reason my school can offer astronomy at GCSE is because we have our own observatory so, really, I visit an observatory every day that I go to school.
I am thinking of pursuing a career in astronomy but I'm young and I don't have a clue what I'm doing with my life-AT ALL.

Easter book update: It is now the Easter holidays...LET THE READING COMMENCE.

Paramore-Hallelujah: Live from chigaco (w/ tribute to Jeff Buckley)

Happy Friday!

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