Friday, 1 March 2013

Kendal's Column: Our Education.

This is not a rant. ( I hope)

Over the past 24 hours I have genuinely inspected the school system that currently stands and I have honestly come the conclusion that it is inadequate and is doesn't work as well as it could/should.
If you're wondering why I was thinking about this, it's because of CPGrey's video- Digital Aristotle.
His video talks about how our modern day classrooms don't cater for every child's education as whilst some children may excel at a topic, others may be confused by a topic but before they fully understand the material the topic changes.

In today's society, where problems like global warming and cancer are major issues, we need the next generation of children to be receiving the highest standard of education possible which stretches the mind whilst making sure all the material is understood as otherwise, our technological advances may be slowed.

Also, the way we test students doesn't make complete sense to me as, by taking GSCEs/A Levels/ SATs at the end of an academic year, you are simply testing the memory of a student alongside testing their ability to understand material when, in my opinion, we should really just be testing a students ability to understand the material as that is what an education is (I'm sorry this may be confusing but I'm trying my best to explain). 

It has also been proven that students learn better when it is there own choice to learn it so maybe forcing our children into classes that they may not even need in later life may not be the best way to educate. I'm not saying we get rid of our core subjects (English, maths, science) or that we should be extremely relaxed about the hours and amount of work students actually do and I'm not saying that we should abolish end of education exams (employers/universities/ colleges need some indication of what you can do). I am merely suggesting that maybe we could allow students to do a compulsory foundation exam for the core subjects and from there they are given the usual 6 or 7 hours a day of education which they can chose to fill by learning in any way they want (as long as they are actually working) and be given smaller tests at the end of a topic they have studied. The results from the subject topics could then be averaged to give a percentage for the subject. 
This is by no means a perfect theory but I just feel that this, when developed, would offer more variety to a students education whilst still having the core subjects.

The video also gives CPGrey's idea of future of education, with a private learning source for each individual that teaches you at your pace, making sure the topic is understood before allowing progression.
This, for me, seems like a fantastic idea as this eliminates the problem of pupils being left behind.
This also gives students the opportunity to take education at their own pace, allowing them to revisit topics freely and flash through topics they may already completely understand. 
I can, however, see the downside to such a change as teachers may be put out of a job if replaced by computer programs but I do sincerely hope that one day our education system may be more suited for everyone. 

Happy Friday!


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