Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fools! The Phandom Takeover 2013

Today was a great day in terms of people who are fans of Dan and Phil and youtubers alike - Twitter had a Phandom Takeover on a global scale!

This April Fool's prank began at around 11 o'clock last night and carried on until 12 o'clock today.

A few things happened, which in my eyes made the whole thing better:
  1. Phil changed his name and Twitter icon to Dan
  2. Emma Blackery changed her profile
  3. Luke Cutforth also joined the team
  4. Chris Kendal blocked everyone who was taking part and now can't unblock them
Things that weren't so great:
  1. Dan didn't join in!
  2. Everyone was scared for their life - they didn't want Chris blocking them!
  3. Justin Bieber fans tried to make their own version and perhaps outnumbered us
  4. Emma Blackery received a lot of hate messages for joining in - poor Emma!
Overall, it was an amazingly hilarious experience and I was glad to be a part of it on my phandom account. Yes - I also have a phandom account. Creeper alert!

There weren't just Dan and Phil clones, though. Here are some people who followed me who had profiles that were particularly funny:


Nick Clegg

Dean Winchester

Postman Pat

Mr Blobby

I will leave you with some screenshots of the crazy day!

The Book Critic x
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  1. I'll admit, I wasn't too pleased with a small minority of the phandom who were picking fights with smoshers,over who created the idea, but overall, it was pretty awesome c': I kind of wish Dan had got involved; I was half-expecting him to troll us, but hey. Chris did unblock a few people (I think), and apologised, but I'm not sure if he just lightened up after other youtubers joined in, or was actually sorry. I just stumbled upon this blog - and I love it c: Keep it up!


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