Friday, 26 April 2013

Kendal's Column: Lifescouts #4

At the end of my last year at primary school we had a leavers party and there was karaoke there.
Now, I am the kind of person who lets themself get  peer pressured into doing silly things* they'd really rather not.
Like karaoke.
It didn't go terribly but NEVER AGAIN.

Go To A Concert
I have been to 2 concerts in my life.
the first one was Kelly Clarkson in October last year and she was amazing and I would recommend going to see her to anyone. It was at the MEN and we managed to get really good seats. She opened with My Life Would Suck Without You at the end of which, my friend caught the guitar pick and closed with What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger).
My second concert was Imagine Dragons about 3 weeks ago, it was standing only but it was truly amazing. I knew the event had sold out but I never expected that many people to show up and to know all the words to all the songs.We managed to get right to the front on the right so we could see really well AND Dan Reynolds touched my hand *internally screaming*.
These were two of the best nights of my life.
p.s I heard danny broke his hand hitting a drum (I think that's what it was), GET WELL SOON.

Perform On Stage
Despite the fact that I am not the most outgoing person on earth I have performed on stage quite a few times.
I joined a drama group at the start of year 7 to stay connected to a close friend and the group puts on a summer show every year.
I have been the Lion in the wizard of Oz and Eliza Doolittle in Olivia! so far and this summer I am set to be a murderous cook in a sherlock holmes sketch.

Happy Friday!

*silly things being karaoke not drugs or underage drinking both of which I do not want to do. EVER.

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