Friday, 3 May 2013

Kendal's Column: Stay Strong and Carry On

It's coming up to exam season and the pressure/stress levels are high for most students.
If you are feeling down or stressed then there are a number of ways you can help yourself

  1. Don't bottle it up-This is possibly the worst thing to do.
  2. Don't overwork. step back and breathe- If you are cramming in lots of information into your brain you need to take breaks, even if you are unsure of the topic after  about 20 minutes revising, take a break (about 5 minutes) and then carry on. This will clear your brain and help information sink in more.
  3. Sit down with friends or family and say how you feel- Your friends will be going through the same amounts of stress and your parents may be able to offer you some help.
  4. Talk to me, @bookfangirling or use the Stay Strong And Carry On tumblr- If you feel like you can't talk to people at home then please don't hesitate to message either of us, we are happy to help in any way we can.
  5. Stay Strong- Exams will be over soon and then you have summer. Hold on to that.
Some numbers 
0808 808 4994 - Get Connected  is a helpline for under 25's providing signposting and emotional support whatever the issue. Open 1pm-11pm 7 days a week.

0808 808 0330- Mindline is a helpline for emotional/mental health distress. Open 8pm-12am

Please note this are both UK numbers. If you could post numbers from your country then i would be extremely grateful.

Happy Friday!

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