Monday, 24 June 2013

How long is a year?

Today is the day.

Yep, today marks a year since I created this blog.

I can remember it as if it were yesterday... I was supposed to be revising for my first gcse geography exam and instead I decided to do something different for a change and create bookfangirling. I didn't do it for any particular reason... I just felt as if I needed to do it. I don't know how to describe that feeling to you. I just knew I had to do it even though my exams came first.

A year has flown by, and I was on Twitter before looking at all of the things I had favourited. I got a bit tearful if I'm honest, because you have all been so lovely and supportive of my blog from the very first day. I can't thank you enough for this. You have helped me more than you could ever imagine.

So, because it's been a whole year, I thought I should do a list of some of the things that have happened to me during that year. Prepare yourself!

  1. I got below my target grade in that Geography exam. I had to resit.
  2. I made a new best friend - Kendal!
  3. I started writing on the blog everyday.
  4. I stopped writing on the blog everyday because it got too hard.
  5. I spoke to real life authors. This has been a dream of mine since, well, forever.
  6. I am still speaking to real life authors.
  7. Shout magazine read my blog!
  8. I lost some friends.
  9. I was the youngest member ever to join YA STANDS.
  10. I had new experiences.
  11. I joined Tumblr.
  12. I joined Tumblr another five times.
  13. I made a fanfiction account.
  14. I started writing my Foxface fanfiction.
  15. I am still writing my Foxface fanfiction.
  16. I started watching The Big Bang Theory.
  17. I fell in love with Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory.
  18. Mayim Bialik is now my inspiration and a great role model for me.
  19. Alyson Noel replied to me on Twitter several times.
  20. I created the Stay Strong and Carry On Campaign.
  21. My blog reached over 26,000 views.
  22. I met Kendal in person for the first time ever. (She is actually a unicorn... shhh!)
  23. People became interested in my campaign.
  24. Emma Blackery tweeted me about the campaign and filled in our survey!
  25. Carrie Hope Fletcher tweeted me in support for the campaign too!
  26. My Phandom posts have had about 7000 views (woah).
  27. I read more books.
  28. I loved more books.
  29. My parents got mad at me for having too many books.
  30. My parents tried to make me get rid of some books.
  31. I refused to get rid of some books.
  32. I finished my GCSE exams.
  33. I shopped online for prom dresses. Typical me!
  34. I watched Sherlock.
  35. I became obsessed with Sherlock.
  36. I received a signed book from John Green.
  37. I am still yet to meet John Green.
  38. I got an IPhone 5 in black.
  39. I found out that around 90% of my friends self harm.
  40. I talked more to my teachers.
  41. I planned my next trip out with Kendal. She just doesn't know it yet.
  43. I have been on more walks.
  44. I survived my Duke of Edinburgh Expedition.
  45. I took risks.
  46. I did work experience in the Houses of Parliament.
  47. I bought clothes that I wanted, and took risks wearing them.
  48. I still buy Happy Meals.
  49. I improved my music taste.
  50. I have learned to love myself.
That's quite a long list, but they all happened. 

How long is a year? Quite long. But it doesn't feel like it. So let's summarise it in a list and make it seem shorter than it actually was.

Happy Birthday to the blog!

The Book Critic x

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