Friday, 5 July 2013

Kendal's Column: Lifescouts #6

Play piano
when I was about 6 my brother started taking piano lessons and I thought it was really cool so i asked my parents if I could have lessons to.
I had lessons from when I was about 6 until I was 9  and I stopped simply because I lost interest. I do regret not staying with it but I know that if I had carried on, I wouldn't have put in enough practice and I wouldn't have progressed much further.

Have a birthday party
My birthday is on November 5th which is bonfire night in the UK.
Bonfire night is a tradition of lighting a bonfire and setting off loads of fireworks to commemorate the gunpowder plot (a plot to blow up British Parliament and, more specifically, King James I). A man part of the gunpowder plot was found under the House of Lords on the night of November 5th 1605. That night, to celebrate the fact that King James was still alive, the people lit bonfires around London, throwing dummy 'Guys' onto them.
A few months later, November 5th was declared a day of national thanksgiving and since then it has been celebrated annually nationwide.
Therefore, on my birthday (and even before I was born) my family have always gathered at our house and we set off fireworks, blow up pumpkins from Hallowe'en and light sparklers until we're frozen to the bone. This doubles as my birthday party- and I love it!

Climbed Dragged up a mountain
My parents have forced me to climb many mountains in the past which I have gained many blisters from.
I've climbed Ben Nevis (which is the highest mountain in the British Isles) and more than a few 'hills' in the Lake District, some twice.
it would've been ok if it was a nice day and you had a good view but it rained....every time.
I wouldn't condone climbing because it is a good way to keep healthy but you should a) check the weather and b)take blister plasters with you.

This is war-30 Seconds To Mars
Harry Potter Fan video.

Happy Friday!

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