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Review: The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

"Chloe Saunders is on the run and raising hell. Literally." 

Well that's good, because she doesn't do much else. I rarely ever write a review of a book which comes out negative, but I'm afraid that in this case it has to be a one off. For the whole book, we saw Chloe, Simon, Derek and Tori running while trying to find one of Derek and Simon's father's friends, Andrew. The Book starts with the four teens on the run from a supernatural experimentation group called The Edison Group, and the book also ends with them running from the Edison group.

In terms of what happens in the middle of this, I can sum this up in a few points:

1. Chloe plays the damsel in distress and hurts her arm three times. I only hope that her arm doesn't end up a separate character in the next book, but it's had enough cameos. 

2. Tori gets ignored for just about the whole book. And despite her characteristics of being a powerful witch that could probably kill Chloe in an instant, I was saddened to read that she chose not to. 

3. There is a lot of 'will they, wont they' tension between both Chloe and Simon and Chloe and Derek - which doesn't make sense because the author is obviously confused as to which boy she wants Chloe to hook up with in the end. Chloe also is confused as to what the funny feeling in her stomach is when she looks at either of the guys, which doesn't correspond with her character profile either as she isn't stupid and should know what a crush is. Maybe I'm wrong, and she just ate something bad. But then again, the teens (including Derek who requires constant feeding and Simon who is diabetic) survived on two candy bars each for the whole week. Maybe she's secretly a cannibal - that's just about the only thing that could have made this book even slightly appealing.

I'm going to be sympathetic here... I completely understand that in real life, if four unexperienced teens managed to run away from a secure home, the path to safety wouldn't be easy and there would be a few complications. But this was a fiction novel, and Armstrong had the power to play each chapter out however she wanted. 

Obviously she went for the realistic touch, because all 400 or so pages were of them running and nearly getting killed and them complaining that they were hungry, even with four hundred dollars stashed in Chloe's shoe. That, and Chloe blushing that one time when Simon gave her a thumbs up. 

There were far too many sentences of dialogue that were cut off. Kelley Armstrong hardly let a character get a word in edge ways without another cutting in to have their opinion. After a while I really started to notice the dashes on the page and was dreading the next one which I knew was just a page turn away. 

Here are some positives, though. Kudos for being able to drag a book out that long, because I know how hard it is to get a few thousand words out when you're beautifully uninspired. Also, I have loved Derek from the first book and I hope he continues to be a successful character in the final book. If I can just mention the boys, I'm glad this book isn't dominated by the theme of love. It would have been downright cringy in the circumstances. Don't get me wrong, I like love-orientated books, but this wasn't something I wanted in this series. 

This book was dedicated to Julia, who I'm presuming is a friend of Kelley Armstrong. Poor woman. I would have been mortified to get a dedication in a book like this. 


The teens finally find Andrew, and then begin hiding away from The Edison Group again. After a six page description of Derek transforming into a werewolf, I was ecstatic to come to the end of the book. The two stars I gave this book are literally just for Derek being in it. 

I wouldn't recommend this book to many people. Read the first book in the series by all means, but just google it to find out the ending. It really isn't worth reading another 800 pages of running and jumping, as your time definitely will be wasted. I've got another 400 pages to go, as I will be attempting to gather any life that hasn't already been sucked out of me from the first two books, and I shall be reading the last one in the series. I also want to see if Derek finally gives in to his hereditary cannibal needs and eats Chloe.

And the most ironic quote award goes to...

"I knew this wasn't the end. Not by a long shot."

Me too, Chloe. Me too.

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  1. I can't seem to get enough of this story, and loved it so much that I could read it again as soon as I finished it. I had loads of fun with this book and can't wait for more. This is a must read! Addictive & fun, & sure to get you hooked!


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