Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saturday: Book Haul and What You've Missed!

Hello! It has been a few days since my last post but I'm going to start my new schedule today by showing you my latest book haul and a sort of 'that's what you missed on glee' sort of post. 

Book Haul:

I recently bought this fantastic new series of books by Kelley Armstrong. The first book, which I am currently reading, is called 'The Summoning' and it is about a firm called Chloe who can see ghosts. No one believes her though!

The other books in the series are called 'The Awakening' and 'The Reckoning'. I am loving the series so far and a review of the first book will be on the blog soon. The books are not predictable like a lot of young adult fiction and I have found myself gasping in shock a couple of times already! 

Today I met up with Kendal again, and we took a much awaited trip into Waterstones. I bought three books while we were in there - 

The first is 'Infinite Sky' by CJ Flood and the cover just blew me away. I don't usually judge a book by its cover but I made a decision based on both the cover and the blurb. This book literally looks awesome.

The other two books were by Annabel Pitcher and they are called 'Ketchup Clouds' and 'My sister lives on the mantelpiece'. They both sound like very heart wrenching books and I would recommend buying these editions as the sides of the books have cute little patterns where the pages fit together! Not only that but it's buy one get one half price in Waterstones! 

You haven't really missed anything on my social media accounts because I have been really busy. These photos are all taken with Instagram. However, if you have been following my Instagram (bookfangirlingblog) then you will see that I managed to buy a 'Wreck this Journal' and I am failing miserably at filling it in!

And I bought my very first book journal on my day trip with Kendal... It was on sale at Paperchase! I would show you a picture of it but my phone has enlarged it too much... Maybe next week? 

Finally, it was sunny in England! I posted a photo of me reading 'The Summoning' in my garden:

Me and Kendal had a great time today. Did anyone else do anything special today? Today was certainly special for me because I don't get to see Kendal all that much, and its nice when we finally do get to spend time in person together.
She made me AMAZING cookies while I made her some cakes and a card. It was a great day overall.

Have a good weekend!
The Book Critic x

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