Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fanfiction Focus: Shamy #2

I have just read the cutest shamy fanfiction ever!

Yep, Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory have stolen my heart again. And this is all thanks to possibly one of my favourite fanfiction authors EVER, Genki-Escapist!

This girl is a must-read for anyone who loves fanfiction. Her main topic of writing is Shamy, but she also writes about Naruto, Fairy Tale, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Avatar (the last airbender). Her stories are super cute, insanely accurate to each fandom, and just down right amazing. 

Her profile pic!

The story that I have just been reading is called 'The First Date Resurgence', which is a four chapter fic concerning Shamy. In this story, Leonard's mother comes to visit from New Jersey and she is introdiced to Amy Farrah Fowler, but she finds Amy's face all too familiar. Then she is reminded of where she knows Amy... she was the first girl Leonard ever dated! Leonard had since forgotten and when Sheldon hears about their rendevous at 13 years old he gets jealous. Even though many years have passed since the date happened, Beverly Hofstadter is determined to pair Amy and Leonard up again, because she thinks the two are made for each other...

But will Amy leave Sheldon? 

Will Penny let 'Lamy' happen?

Read it for yourself to find out!

This girl's fanfictions are the cutest. They are rated from K+ to T, which basically means they are suitable for any age. I know we all secretly read smutty fics, but I seriously recommend this girl's work. You will be just as happy reading this as you would with Johnlock smut or something!

Her Tumblr can also be found at genki-escapist.tumblr.com 

Go and check it out!

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