Friday, 9 August 2013

Kendal's Column: Conventions

Over the last month or so, many conventions and gatherings have happened around the world including comic-con(s), vidcon and this weekend is Summer In The City. With all of these events happening a lot of things have been announced, been shown and been revealed.

However, I'm not planning to list all that has come to light over the last few weeks because that is what tumblr and twitter are for but what i am going to write about is my own experience at comic-con (manchester).
This year was my first time going to a convention and me and my friends only decided we were going days before the event so I had no time to find a costume and cosplay but the cosplayers that were there were amazing and should all get some kind of award for being so damn creative.
From 11:30 until around 2 we walked around looking at stalls and buying merch and crying with the feels at seeing the face of Warwick Davis and soon I had run out of cash so me and my friend had to join the hour long queue for the one ATM at the convention centre after about half an hour in the queue I decided to check my DS for spotpass. The guy in front of us was by himself and he saw me get my DS out and asked me what I was playing and we got into a conversation. This may seem like really random story to tell but the guy seemed really nervous but it was great because it got me thinking that comic-con, vidcon and everything else is not only an opportunity to fangirl at everything and everyone, its also an opportunity to talk to people who might not feel so comfortable in social situations so if you are going to a gathering/convention- try to socialize, it's a great oppotunity to make new friends and make someone else feel more confident.

Summer Playlist:

Happy Friday!

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